Terabyte Group is a group of company which involved in large scale project management for long period of time. The group of company started with Terabyte Comtel as a domestic and international provider of telecommunication solutions for Information Technology applications and Project Management.

Terabyte Comtel Co., Ltd. is well-known for its Turnkey telecommunication system design and construct of Information Technology and Communication solutions, such as High Availability Network Management System. Terabyte Comtel also creates its R&D group to particularly research and develops specific products and various new technologies in order to develop its new line of business and maintains its position as a leader in system management and consultation. On 1999 the company had expand their opportunity to software development company and established their subsidiaries company.

Unified Global Network Co., Ltd. is specialize in Networking software and Network Security Software, two ways or broadcast systems for private business, public networks and government agencies and Large Scale Project Management and System Consult. With business diversification that gives the value added to Information Technology and Telecommunication business, Terabyte Group had emerging the Trading Business for information technology and System Integration and Construction business to conform the total integrated solution for all modern communication needs.

Tanatat Trading Co., Ltd. Is a business unit that help trade all material in large scale project and also sale equipment and consultation for System Integration. With our long experience in Total System Integration, Terabyte Comtel is also an expert in large-scale project management and contracted services. Additionally.

Terabyte Consult & Construction Co., Ltd. Established as business unit in 2005 with a capability of provide consultation and construction project management for total solution business. Site survey and project design for all operation with full scale management are applied to the project. The company had involved in site survey and project management for Myanmar Coal Mining project that lead by Suwanaphum Lignite Co, Ltd as a technology partner. Also with a Coal construction technology consult, we had involved for site survey and a runner up for Ban-Pho Coal Company for Indonesia Coal Plant Solution.

Intelligent Sign System Co., Ltd. As the new company in the group, involved in advertising and sign construction. Total advertising business solution for build signage in all location. Complete with field management and project management for large area signage constructions. Also with capability in implementing electronic & digital signage system which had an IT management solution.


Terabyte Group of Company was established in 1998, with 5 million baht in registered capital and became one of the network services subsidiaries of Terabyte Group of Company. Software Development section had split to another company as Unified Global Network. Tanatat trading for trading area also established in 2005, for equipment supply for system integration in business. In 2006 had awarded a dual contract for construction of BMA Signage and Project management and construction consult by Terabyte Consult and Construction Co., Ltd. Also with a coal mining project experience in Myanmar coal mining project survey and management.


Terabyte Comtel has more than 12 associates represent an extraordinary array of talent and capability. Most have extensive experience, additionally well-trained in Project Management for Survey construction and Information Technology as well as others Network Management and SCADA technology. Among the company’s many pioneers in Information technology are engineers, sales and marketing specialists and executives who continue to keep the company at the forefront of development in the industry. The skills of this diverse group include Wireless Communication: Network Management And Multimedia Management System: tailors made application software and other engineering services also with project management in coal mining industry, depends upon customers’ requirement.


Terabyte Group of Companies’ philosophy is that we believe that each and every person has the right to fast and accurate access to news and information. This will not only build knowledge and understanding between people but narrow the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” no matter who you are or where you live. As a Thai company, we are proud of over ten years of technological developments, bring up-to-the-minute information into more and more people’s lives. No matter how far technology advances, Terabyte will continue to research information processing technology and develop them into new products, systems and services that serve humanity.

We are aware of our responsibility for developing the lives and status of Thai people and aim to achieve this by continually developing and improving our range of quality products and services and expanding their reach to the furthest corners of the Kingdom. The capabilities which we process today, and those we will acquire in the future, will take everyone that is associated with us further than they could imagine. Nothing is beyond Terabyte’s capability.